The Quaruba is available in 3 different sizes, Large, XL and XXL. Model X is the middle of the 3. With it’s height of 95 cm it has beautiful high windows so you have a good view of the fire. The Quaruba model is a sturdy, robust wood stove with an industrial appearance for outdoor use. This cube-shaped terrace stove has a unique modular construction and is therefore assembled as desired with 1 (door) to 4 glass panels. The door closure is cleared between the door panel and the right leg. The version with 4-wheel flooring is easy moveable. In addition, the platform can also be used as storage for the first stock of firewood.

Technical information


  • Quaruba XL
  • Quaruba XL mobile (+ wheels)

1 side glass (door)
2 sided glass
3 sided glass
4 sided glass


– Elbow 45 degrees
– Elbow 90 degrees
– Sparks catcher in the rainhood
– CorTen steel floor plate (745 x 745 x 3 mm)
– Bottomplate + 4 wheels